Frequently Asked Questions

Set 1

What is the difference between Web Conferencing and Webcasting?
Web Conferencing is a "collaborative" tool that can be considered the online equivalent of a live group meeting.
  • Used for ad-hoc day to day meetings
  • A live event application
  • An on-demand software application allowing hosts to start and end meetings whenever the need arises.
  • Supports webcam video.
Webcasting is a "one to many" application used to "broadcast" a message to large audiences.
  • Used to communicate a "message" to large audiences
  • Customizable service
  • Needs to be scheduled in advance
  • Can be delivered live or on demand with each event being recorded, archived, and hosted.
How many seconds does it take to be the active speaker and appear in the larger window box? Example: If someone rustles with paper, will they automatically appear in the larger box?
The Speaker Change Threshold indicates the amount of time a participant must speak continuously before becoming the speaker. Select the desired threshold:
  • Auto (Default, 3 seconds)
  • 1.5 seconds
  • 3 seconds
  • 5 seconds
Our bridges are set for the Auto (3 second) default.
Can I dial *87 from the panel to disconnect all participants from the call?
Normally only the Chairperson has access to the *87 code to terminate the call. But, we have a couple of options;
  • Enable *87 for everyone on your calls and hope no one uses it that shouldn’t
  • Enable Chairperson/Participant codes. This means than once you join the Virtual Meeting Room you will be prompted to enter an addition PIN code.
How many days prior to the meeting do you need to provide you (Resolve) with regards to additional capacity?
A week if possible. But, it can be done on short notice if necessary.
Did Polycom develop a RealPresence app for the Blackberry 10?
At this time there is no client for Blackberry.
Should all the RealPresence client / apps be configured with the Server:
  • You can have as many user accounts as you want at no extra cost. They can be tied to a specific username so you know who is using what account.
  • Server address is correct: If for some reason your user has an issue with DNS resolution, you can also use the IP address of
How can a guest join the virtual room?
  • Guests - You can request an additional username/password and they can install the RP client on their device. On February 2nd we will be launching a new extension to the service allowing to participants to join as a guest from a browser.
  • Virtual Meeting Rooms - You can have as many Virtual Meeting Rooms as you would like at no extra cost.
  • PIN Codes - We can enable PIN codes on your account. This will prompt for an additional access code when participants join the meeting. You can change the codes anytime you like using your videoconference system.

Set 2

How do I connect to a VMR (video conference)?
  1. Choose your role (Participant, Presenter, or Moderator)
  2. Enter your video conference ID
  3. Enter the password, if it is required (moderators have control over this) (moderator password currently mandatory)
  4. Enter your name (viewed by moderators running the video conference)
What is a video conference?
A video conference is a service that allows peers to connect to each other, through the use of video and audio. After setting up the Video Conference (contact your moderator, or a Resolve representative for more information) anyone with a stable internet connection can connect to the conference. Some peripheral equipment is necessary if you want to hear the conference, be heard in the conference, see the conference, and be seen in the conference. This equipment includes: speakers, microphone, monitor, and camera.
What is WebRTC?
WebRTC stands for web real time communications. It is a new technology that has been created to allow browsers to safely allow real-time communications capabilities. Most browsers have adapted to this technology, and now allow users the ability to connect to peers through embedded software. No additional download necessary. View this website for more information:
What is Polycom?
Polycom is a company that provides video conferencing services through their software. One-time download necessary.
What data do you need to connect to your video conference?
Based on how the video conference has been setup, the video conference id is necessary, the moderator code is optional (if joining as a moderator or presenter), the participant code is optional (if joining as a participant), and a name is necessary.
What browsers does WebRTC support?
  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Android
  • iOS
What features does WebRTC support currently?
There are certain features that each of the browsers have allowed. These features can be seen at these websites: and
What is the difference between video conference and webinar?
A video conference uses different technology then a webinar. Currently, a video conference uses Polycom or WebRTC to enable users to video call into an endpoint. A webinar is more of a stream, with features that enable the stream to be interactive (screen sharing, slides, polls, private and public chats, etc.). Webinar's are currently using Webinato's API technology to host and connect users.
Why can't I connect to my video conference?
  1. You have not entered the required information (video conference ID, name, moderator/participant code).
  2. You have entered incorrect information.
  3. Your browser doesn't support WebRTC, and you haven't downloaded the Polycom software that allows video conferencing on your computer.